Chakra Bracelet in Black Lava

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Chakra bracelets can help balance the 7 chakras.

Amethyst = crown chakra.  It activates spirtual awareness and intution.
Blue Jade = third eye chakra.  It is a talisman of peace and serenity.
Sponge Quartz = throat chakra. It is a stone of peace and expression.
Malaysian Jade = heart chakra. Symbolizes love, prosperity and abundance.
Citrine = solar plexus chakra. Helps boost self esteem and stimulates taking action.
Peach Aventurine = sacral chakra. It boost the energy of the sacral and promotes creativity.
Red Tiger Eye = root chakra.  It focuses is on the lower chakras and is supportive and secure.

Small = 6-6.5 inches
Regular = 7 inches

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